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Megastructures in Video Games and Megastructure Mods

A lot of the posts on Odin Gaming focus on Stellaris which allows for the construction of megastructures. Megastructures, in their broadest sense, are large artificial objects. There’s no consensus on exactly what constitutes a megastructure beyond this, though I would argue that the clue is in the name. A megastructure is any artificial structure […]

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M.O.R.E. – The Floundering Space 4X

In July 2017, I published a post entitled “M.O.R.E. – The Space 4X that Couldn’t…“. In it, I provided a break-down of the history of this overambitious space 4X. It aimed to be a spiritual successor to the likes of Master of Orion 2. For context, this was so long ago that there was no […]

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I’m back. What happened?

The short answer: life! As much as I like to polish the site and give it a professional air, Odin Gaming was, and is, a hobby project. I like writing about strategy and simulation modding and gaming because I do it a lot anyway. Doing a bit of writing on top didn’t seem like a […]

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Stellaris Mod Roundup – March ’18

8 new mods feature this month, including more ship sets, Ascension Perks, and Megastructuctures. Mod of the Month is “Interactive Timeline Dashboard” by Elias Döhne.

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Early Look at Surviving Mars Mods and Review

There has been a mod published every 20 minutes since release, with well over 500 mods available for Surviving Mars. Here are 10, as well as a quick review of the base game!

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