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EUIV – Legacy of Bharat – Part 2: Rivals and Enemies

Get the rest of the story: The Legacy of House Mlechchha Having managed to convert my Crusader Kings II save to Europa Universalis IV and now being happy that the game world represents my interpretation of it from CKII, I’m ready to continue with my world conquest, however that might progress, in this Paradox Let’s […]

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Stellaris Ascension Perks & Surveying – Dev Diary #94

The 94th dev diary concerns itself with Stellaris Ascension Perks and surveying, constituting a relatively small announcement compared to the previously promised piece on doomstacks and ship design. This week’s dev diary was short and punchy, so this response will follow suit. I’ll write a response to every Stellaris dev diary, so subscribe and follow […]

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Majestic Trials – Turn-based Tactical Fantasy

Majestic Trials hits a lot of bases; it’s a turn-based tactical fantasy game with RPG elements. Oh, and it’s an indie title, still in Early Access on Steam. Majestic Trials fills a niche all of its own and deserves some attention for it. I’ll be honest: I don’t often consider turn-based tactical fantasy games. It does […]

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Stellaris Wargoals Overhaul – Dev Diary #93

The 93rd dev diary focuses on a Stellaris wargoals overhaul, continuing the theme of fixing war in this grand strategy title.

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Stellaris FTL Rework and Galactic Terrain – Dev Diary #92

The Stellaris FTL rework for the “Cherryh” update evokes a feeling of a missed opportunity in the 92nd Dev Diary. Also featured is Galactic Terrain.

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