Get the rest of the story: The Legacy of House Mlechchha

Marriage and Money

The first decision  I took as Maharaja of Mlechchha (say that five times fast) was to marry my son to a Narpal Bhar. I collect the Royal Aid Duty, which went towards a Trading Post in the capital,  Kamarupanagar, and a set of Castle Walls in a Silk Road province to the east, Haruppeswara.

From the start I’m seeing about +5.54 gold per month, which is enough for a new Castle Walls every 13 months and a new Castle Town every 26 months. I’m expecting a bit of a snowball effect here where my wealth grows quicker and quicker because of the new buildings.


As I said in the last post, one of the attractive features of the Dharmic religions is their flexibility. Poking through the decisions available to me, one of them is to “Choose a Patron Deity”. I can choose between Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. These together represent the Trimurti, or the trinity of supreme divinity in Hinduism.

Picking the “All-powerful, crowned Vishnu” gives me +1 Diplomacy at the cost of -1 Martial, increasing the rate of cultural research and getting me to Legalism III that little bit faster.


A Grandson

On the 2nd of May 773, I received my first grandchild. My son named my grandson after me – another Balavarman! A pretty ordinary child by any measure, but we’ll see what he shapes up to be.

Growth and Prosperity

I took every opportunity I could to improve my economy; increasing trade, tax income, prosperity, and relevant state attributes (notably Stewardship). The end result was an increase in monthly income of just one more gold per turn (+6.50 by 1st February 774, in fact). My monthly income changed like this:


The x-axis begins at 1/1/769 and each interval is one month. Text boxes of significant events have their left side approximately aligned with the correct date.

In general I saw these events correlate with appropriate increases in income. However, there is a large crash in April of 772 that I just can’t explain. Nothing particularly exciting happened to cause this – if anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears!

The Long Game

Given the above, I think I’m in for the long-haul with this economic growth game. I’m not sure at what point I stop and consider conquest to expand the extent to which I control the Silk Road (and, indeed, I think that’s the medium-term strategy), but I imagine it’s at the point at which there are no more options for inwards investment. I only have a finite number of holdings to improve, after all!

Get the rest of the story: The Legacy of House Mlechchha

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