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The purpose of these roundups is to cast a spotlight on some mods that have caught my attention over the past month or so.

You can find all of the mods featured in this month’s roundup and others in my Steam Workshop Collection “Odin Gaming Mod Roundup“.

There continue to be mods released building upon the new mechanics introduced post-Banks. Modders are still working out some kinks in their mods, which hasn’t been aided by the rapid output of 1.6 Adams and the 1.6.1 hotfix. I generally try to avoid mods that have any severe bugs, which is unfortunate because they would otherwise be excellent additions to the game.

List of features this month:

Adv. Custom Empires Pack – Extended First Contact


Author: zoston
Workshop link

This mod adds 17 hand-crafted custom empires, which is perhaps not particularly special in-and-of-itself, but also adds extended first contact events to each, which adds significant flavour to the empire in question. There is opportunity to converse with the species and get a feel for their personality and history, more than you would with normal randomly-generated empires.

A must for those who like to role-play in Stellaris. (And let’s face it – who doesn’t?)

Currently doesn’t require Utopia to play. (It may be expanded in the future, but I’ll leave it in the hands of the author as to whether the new races go into a separate mod.)

Animated Synthetic Portraits – Expanded


Author: Sìlfae
Workshop link

Sìlfae had previously extended the synthetic features of Stellaris with this mod’s predecessor. This mod goes a few steps further:

  • Humanoid species build humanoid robots, non-humanoid species build non-humanoid robots.
  • Different species classes (avian, reptilian, molluscoid etc.) look different upon synthetic ascension.
  • AI players will always choose the synthetic appearance matched their species class. Human players may choose from all of the synthetic appearances or retain their biological appearance.
  • The option for a synthetic start – your empire has already ascended at game start. AI empires will never start this way.
  • Standalone synthetic animated portraits for empire design.
  • More, such as a cityscape, rooms, ships…

Together, these features make synthetic ascension much more captivating. This mod is the youngest on the list this month but I can quite easily see it being a staple of many a player’s mod line-up.

If you want a lighter mod that just makes robots, droids, and synths look distinct from one-another (but still humanoid), check out Animated Synthetic Portraits by the same author.

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