Original Ships

Elves of Stellaris

Author: TheGrandN
Workshop link

These are some very graceful looking ships to match the Elven theme of the mod itself. They look very much inspired by Imperial and New Republic ships from Star Wars, if not literal adapted versions of their models. At any rate, the artistic license applied to them is sufficient to get my head out of that space and admire the creativity of the author.

The author has also created a patch for compatibility with New Ship Classes.

Star Falls (4 ship sets)

Authors: Miss Nobody and Crusader Vanguard
Workshop link

There are certainly some texture replacements in this pack, but there are some original models (especially the C.P.O.E ships, which look truly bizarre), which I think qualifies it for this category!

This mod explores a novel universe created by the authors and includes four shipsets and a number of additional species portraits and cityscapes too.

Tall White Ships and Stations

Stellaris Mod Roundup - December '17 - Tall White Ships and Stations

Author: COLA
Workshop link

“Tall white” refers, apparently, to a particular hypothetical alien species, rather than to type of milky coffee. That aside, these are amongst the highest quality original ship models I’ve seen for Stellaris.

In addition to vanilla models, it contains models ready for NSC, and there’s a patch that adds more colours. The creator deserves a lot of credit for their artistic finesse.

Trace Empire Customisation (7 ship sets)


Author: Trace Projectile
Workshop link

Trace’s mod does more than add new ship sets, but they are most definitely impressive. There are currently seven different ship sets (with more on the way); some are reskins of base ship models, others are totally new, such as the “Cult” and “Newcomer” ship types.

This mod is a work in progress, so the ships are of varying quality, but this is still an exciting mod to try out.

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