Installation of Caveman 2 Cosmos

Civ IV was ahead of its time a bit with mod support, so installation of mods is actually pretty easy compared to its contemporaries.

  1. Install Civ IV and it’s expansions, up to and including Beyond the Sword with the 3.19 patch. Most digital downloads will result in you getting the most up-to-date version: Civilization IV.
  2. Download the latest version of Caveman 2 Cosmos.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file. It’s in .7z format so you’ll need to use an archiver that can work with this format, such as the open source and free 7-Zip.
  4. Copy the Caveman2Cosmos folder into your Beyond the Sword mod folder. If you’ve installed from Steam, this will be in something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier’s Civilization IV\Beyond the Sword\Mods. If you’ve installed from a CD this will be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization IV\Beyond the Sword\Mods. (I’m not 100% on these locations – you may need to hunt around for a bit, and some of the directory names might be different if using the Complete Edition. If anyone knows definitively, please let me know in the comments.)
  5. Run “Start C2C.bat” located in the Caveman2Cosmos mod folder to launch the modded version of the game directly. (You can alternatively launch Beyond the Sword and from the main menu, select ‘Advanced’ > ‘Load a Mod’ > ‘Caveman 2 Cosmos’.)

SVN – The Bleeding Edge

If official releases just aren’t enough for you and you absolutely must have the latest and greatest, then you need the SVN. This will give you literally daily updates to the codebase as the modders make them.

You may want to weigh the pros and cons of using the SVN over a release version, but I know lots of fans are in favour of this approach.

Closing Remarks

I first want to say a massive and public thank you to Thunderbrd for obliging me for the sake of this post. He exceeded all of my expectations in the level of detail he gave for every little question I had. It’s good to know that one of my favourite mods is under the guidance of such a fantastic chap.

Speaking of which, his talents extend beyond his substantial contribution to Caveman 2 Cosmos. You can check out an ongoing literary work of his, Heavy Metal, over on the City of IF forums.

Let me know your thoughts and questions on any of the above by tweeting at me. I love feedback, good and bad, so have at it. And subscribe to Odin Gaming for more like this!



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