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The purpose of these roundups is to cast a spotlight on some mods that have caught my attention over the past month or so.

You can find all of the mods featured in this month’s roundup and others in my Steam Workshop Collection “Odin Gaming Mod Roundup“.

Starting this month I’ll also feature a “Mod of the Month”, which is the mod from the list that really struck me that month. This doesn’t necessarily reflect the magnitude of changes or complexity of a mod; a simple mod can nonetheless have a large impact upon the game. This could be the mod that most piqued my interest, sparked my imagination, or filled a hole in the base game.

With 1.8 Čapek and Synthetic Dawn not even two weeks behind us, there are already some mods that build upon their foundations and plug any gaps the developers may have left behind.

List of features this month:

Glavius’s Ultimate AI Megamod


Glavius’s Ultimate AI Megamod


Author: Glavius
Workshop link

Odin Gaming’s first ever Stellaris Mod of the Month goes to Glavius’s Ultimate AI Megamod, created by Glavius!

There are many changes made to the game AI (sector and general) to make it ultimately more competent while restricting the extent of “cheats” to help it keep up. (In fact, there’s only one cheat included, which is quite remarkable considering the extent of the changes.)

I’d love to list them all, but the author has already done a great job of it on the Steam Workshop mod page. In summary, it promises to make the AI much more efficient with resources, better at building and building placement, better at research… just better!

The AI should build larger fleets, keep up technologically, and be more willing to go to war. Your sectors will actually flourish under the AI’s guidance!

This is compatible with:

AI Rebellion Ships, Portrait & Room


Author: Echo 418
Workshop link

Allows use of The Contingency and Fallen Machine Empire ships in empire creation. It also allows the use of the AI Rebellion room and portrait.

There is currently an issue (introduced with 1.8) with modded species and portraits meaning you can’t use more than one at a time without a compatibility patch (which only supports a few portrait mods at present). This will be addressed in the 1.8.1 hotfix, expected later this month.

Note that AI ships are also included in the popular NSC mod.

Animated Space Unicorns and Robots

Author: Long Game Short
Workshop link

Robot unicorns. In spaaaaace.

EAC New Additions


Authors: The Dadinator and Ethan Bear
Workshop link
PayPal donation link

Wide-ranging changes feature in this mod by a remarkable father-and-son modding team. The goal on their part was simple: make the game more fun.

Examples of some changes made include:

  • Additional planetary strategic resources and buildings that utilise them (in a similar manner to Betharian Stone and Betharian Power Plants).
  • Additional galaxy strategic resources.
  • More buildings.
  • More ship components.
  • More technologies relating to all of the above, and some more!
  • More leader traits.

Dad and junior are looking for some to help add some graphics to their mod. Reach out to them (or me) if you’d like to help!

More AI Empires


Author: Seelenwurm
Workshop link

1.8 reduced the number of empires you’re able to spawn in the galaxy. This may not be to everyone’s taste, so this mod makes the simple change of reverting empire numbers back to 1.6.2 levels.

Primitive Robots


Author: Violent Beetle
Workshop link

Allows robot pops to spawn as primitives (although they appear as ‘Other’ in the contacts menu). You’ll still be able to build an Observation Post and conduct missions as for primitives.

This mod makes a few other changes, including spawning Earth as a tomb world and populating it with primitive robots (assuming Sol isn’t spawned at game-start by other mechanisms).

This mod might conflict with other mods that rely on vanilla missions. There’s also a possible bug in which newly-acquired primitive robot pops refuse to work due to “being purged”. Moving the pop from one tile to another and then back will fix the issue.

Real Machine Worlds



Author: LogicSequence
Workshop link

This is a simple mod that replaces the default machine world textures with the two beautiful textures featured above. Further, any terraformed world that originally had rings will have its rings replaced by special “Machine Ring” entities (reminiscent of Warhammer 40k’s Ring of Iron), which is a touch that shows great attention to detail.

This also adds AI planet sounds and tile sets to machine planets.

Space Shrimp


Author: Crichton
Workshop link

The special portrait added for Beta 1.7 was removed in 1.8 (for some reason). This mod simply adds it back, for anyone who missed their space shrimp brethren.

ExOverhaul Collection: Update


Author: ExNihil
Workshop link

Some of the content from the mods in this collection was actually featured last month, but the author has taken steps to bring them closer to the new gameplay of 1.8.

Changes are far-reaching but modular, meaning you can pick-and-choose which mods suit you. Included are changes to ships and stations, components and weapons, ethics and government, and planets. (The last one contains a lot of the changes featured last month.)

Improved Megastructures: Update


Author: Red Aria
Workshop link

Featured in last month’s mod roundup, this mod is particularly relevant after 1.8 given the the new megastructure limits introduced in the patch.

We’ve all been there; we’ve finally completed the Dyson Sphere and realise that its energy output is totally eclipsed by the half-dozen or so Habitats we’ve already filled with solar panels.

This mod changes that. It allows multiple megastructures to be constructed simultaneously (if you’ve got the resources, why not?), reduces build time, increases resource output of vanilla megastructures, and more.

Pairs well with the Gigastructural Engineering & More mod, which is mostly working for 1.8.

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