The 95th dev diary has been dedicated to announcing some new DLC: the Stellaris Humanoids Species Pack! The new DLC will launch just two short weeks on 7th December 2017.

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Stellaris Humanoids Species Pack

The new DLC will include:

  • 10 new humanoid portraits;
  • a new ship set, a new city set, and a new pre-scripted empire;
  • 3 new advisor voices;
  • 3 new music tracks.

Stellaris Humanoids Species Pack - Dev Diary #95 - Cover art

Wiz has teased a few screenshots – and another portrait was revealed on the pre-order page – exposing some of the new artwork before release. See them in the gallery below.


With all of the free content Paradox put out, I’m happy to spend a little bit on aesthetic content like the Stellaris Humanoids Species Pack. It really does add to the variety of the game. I’m also glad to see the addition of more advisor voices; it’s the little bits of polish like that that really help to immerse oneself in the game. As I’ve said before – and I will reiterate it again and again – one of the things I love about Stellaris is the ability to role play. Content packs like this help achieve that goal.

Any regular readers will know that I’ve gone to some efforts to curate free mods that expand the content of the base game to include more species portraits, species variations, city sets, ship sets, and more. Odin Gaming features these mods on the following (regularly-updated) posts:

The professional supplement to all of this is most welcome. Lots of the mods featured in the lists above also build upon the base content – reusing, for example, animations or textures – so the addition of new base content extends what’s within technical reach of the modders.

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