The 98th dev diary provides details for another eagerly anticipated Cherryh 2.0 feature – the Stellaris Fleet Manager!

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Stellaris Fleet Manager

One of the most tedious aspects of war was the consolidation afterwards. Having carefully crafted a fleet – with tailor-made ship designs and an optimal fleet composition – you’re then left with some less than that after a brawl. Maybe a handful of corvettes are missing, perhaps half your fleet. Either way, it’s incredibly annoying trying building exactly what you need to re-optimise it.

Thus, 2.0 comes with a Fleet Manager.

Stellaris Fleet Manager - Dev Diary #98

You will be able to define a Fleet Template and, at the click of a button, order all eligible shipyards to begin building ships to restore your fleet to its former glory. This will, of course, depend on your mineral reserves. Another button will exist to reinforce all of your fleets.

“Retrofitting” is another function that will allow you to swap one ship class for another very easily, allowing you to adapt more easily to an evolving external threat.

Home Bases

When I play Stellaris, I always end up setting up a planet that has a station with a number of maintenance-reducing modules, and that’s where I station my doomstack between wars. After a war, I’d return the doomstack here and set the rally point to manually recover the fleet composition.

Cherryh will add a “Return Home” order to fleets, which will remove the need to hunt down a specific starbase – previously designated as that fleet’s “Home Base” – amongst an increasingly-sprawling empire. (Home Bases will serve further purpose, to be revealed in a later dev diary!)

Stellaris Fleet Manager - Dev Diary #98 - Return to Home Base


The Stellaris Fleet Manager and its associated functions – such as fleet reinforcement at the touch of a button – will be particularly useful if Cherryh even partially achieves its goal of discouraging the doomstack (as discussed in dev diary #96). It can be hard enough to to keep track of one fleet.

This has been an oft-requested feature and it will make much more streamlined and less tedious, letting the player get back to empire growth rather than fleet repair post-war.

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