Starships and Habitable Bases

I don’t believe there’s the same draw to name starships and habitable bases in the same consistent “scientific” manner because the name is much more personal – it is an item that belongs to you, rather than to the universe as a collective. I still enjoy making links, though, so some looser convention still exists.


There are six types of starship:

  • shuttle,
  • fighter,
  • hauler,
  • explorer,
  • exotic,
  • freighters.

Within each of these six categories, ships are further given one of four letter-grade classes: C, B, A, and S (from worst to best).

In Odin’s Convention, ships are primarily named after mythological artefacts or creatures of some description. These might be weapons, armour, clothing, or something else. Each starship type is associated with a different mythology:

Starship TypeMythologyExamples
ShuttleHindu (Other Artefacts)Prana; Stambha; Amrita
FighterNorse (Weapons)Dainsleif; Mjoelnir; Gungnir
HaulerNorse (Other Artefacts)Draupnir; Helskoor; Svalinn
ExplorerGreek (Creatures)Athos; Chiron; Mimas
ExoticHindu (Weapons)Vel; Girish; Gada
FreightersChinese (Creatures)Zhulong; Jingwei; Chi

Habitable Bases

I name my bases after places in Norse Mythology, drawing primarily from Norse Cosmology and the Nine Worlds.

No Man's Sky Naming Convention - Starship Gungnir
Starship Gungir at Niflheim Outpost on Roolishna-Takteefjar. Yes, it’s a TIE Fighter – modded with Rayrod’s Overhaul.

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