Dev diary #104 is a little tamer than previous iterations, dedicated to the Stellaris Cherryh feature roundup – the (smaller) items that haven’t managed to fit into other dev diaries so far!

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Featured image by Nolan N. Nasser.

Stellaris Cherryh Feature Roundup

There were three major sections to this week’s diary:

  • Quality of Life – UI changes that let you easily see if buildings need upgrading, pops need assignments, or ships need upgrading;
  • Hallowed Planets – Spiritual empires can assign Gaia worlds as uncolonisable Holy Worlds, with a benefit to empire Unity generation;
  • War Doctrines – Finishing the Supremacy traditions allows you to set War Doctrines, which define your stance to war and associated bonuses, for your empire.


The only real news in this week’s diary is the quality of life improvements which, while they seem small, will make a big difference to the efficiency of playing the game. There will be no more scanning through core worlds to check for building upgrades! The other features in this dev diary were mentioned – at least in brief – in previous weeks.

2.0 is very close now. And the Apocalypse is coming!

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