The Apocalypse is undeniably upon us, and with it comes this Stellaris Apocalypse Review. Apocalypse and the new Stellaris 2.0 Cherryh patch are joined at the hip; it is technically possible to consider them individually, but, as will soon be revealed, the changes are so massive that it becomes difficult to consider Apocalypse without its foundations in Stellaris 2.0.

The dev diaries were followed closely here on Odin Gaming; check out a summary of the changes, separated between the paid Apocalypse expansion and the free 2.0 update. This summary was, of course, created before I’d had a chance to play the game. Lots of these features will be explored in this post now that I’ve had a chance to experience them all working together.

This is likely to be longer than most reviews because I want to explore the decisions that the devs have made to reach Stellaris Cherryh and what the modding scene looks like shortly after this huge release.

Note that I received a game key for Stellaris Apocalypse free of charge from Paradox Interactive for the purposes of review.

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Stellaris DLC and Patches

Anyone familiar with other Paradox titles – such as Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings – will know that there is normally plenty of DLC to choose from. DLC policy is a hot-topic these days, and I think Paradox have a good one. With major DLC (like Apocalypse and its previous expansion, Utopia), the studio normally provides free content alongside it, so everyone benefits from ongoing game development. No DLC is essential, and there’s also plenty of cosmetic DLC, should you wish to pay for it

Stellaris 2.0 Cherryh is the biggest free update for the game to-date, hence the telling increment of the major version number to 2.

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