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Stellaris 2.0 and Apocalypse have not been around for long, but you can bet that the amazing modding community has been hard at work bringing everything in line! The community is obviously too massive for me to cover comprehensively, but below is news on some popular mods (notably those that I featured in the Top 10 Stellaris Mods of 2017 list, and any featured Mod of the Month), accurate at the time of writing (28th February 2018).

Also featured are some new mods that have caught my attention!

Updated Mods

All of the following have been updated for 2.0!

The following are still awaiting updates:

New Mods

There’s not much to choose from yet, but the modding community is innovative. I’m sure there will be some very interesting additions in a month!

See every monthly roundup: Stellaris Mod Roundups.

FTL Scout Probe 2.0

Stellaris FTL Scout Probe

Author: Arcalane
Workshop link

Adds FTL-capable scout probes, buildable from the start of the game. They can be built from planets and don’t require shipyards.

The FTL Scout Probe is supposed to expand possibilities for early-game exploration. Recruiting a scientist and building another science vessel is an expensive proposition in the early game but is almost necessary given the fact that they’re required to explore systems before other ships can move there.

The FTL Scout Probe doesn’t totally replace the science vessel and still can’t move straight into unexplored systems; they can mark a system as explored by moving adjacent to them.

Kurogane 2.0 Ships and Stations

Stellaris Kurogane 2.0 Ships and Stations

Author: COLA
Workshop link

Adds a beautiful new ship ship with all original models (by GrafxBox). Includes Ion Cannon, Titan, and Colossus models.

Mass Effect Civilisations – Mass Relays

Stellaris Mass Relays

Authors: Princess Stabbity and TheGrandN
Workshop link

Replaces the Gateways introduced in Stellaris 2.0 with Mass Relays from the Mass Effect Universe. The team behind this one have some very talented 3D artists – check out some of their other work featured on this page: Stellaris Species Customization Mods from Sci-Fi Franchises.

Star Wars: Fallen Republic

This hasn’t be released yet, but check out the teaser trailer here. By the team behind Star Trek: New Horizons. (Go Team Star Wars.)


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