The short answer: life!

As much as I like to polish the site and give it a professional air, Odin Gaming was, and is, a hobby project. I like writing about strategy and simulation modding and gaming because I do it a lot anyway. Doing a bit of writing on top didn’t seem like a lot extra. However, I soon got sucked into self-hosting a WordPress site, website optimisation, affiliate marketing, and social media/promotion strategies, amongst other blogging activities parallel to actual content creation.

2018 and 2019 were very busy years for me, with lots of state change. Odin Gaming fell a little by the wayside, though anyone who’s reached out has received the full attention they deserve.

There is some cash input into Odin Gaming, but the limited advertising on the website means that it is actually self-sufficient, so it won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

I’ve recently switched jobs, have moved cities, and have evaluated the utility of various other time-consuming activities. Part of the reason for some of these changes was to readdress my work/life balance. The aforementioned state change is more-or-less over, and I think I will have some more time to put into blogging. I will be posting once again with immediate effect! That said, I can’t promise a particular frequency or regularity.

Is anything changing?

Nothing for the worse, I hope! I have somewhat adjusted the site visuals, switching from a dark look to this lighter theme. I’ve modified the main body font (to one that supports accents) and changed the intrusiveness of the ads, hopefully giving you recommendations that are more relevant and interesting. (Please bear with me as I retrospectively address these for older posts.) I’ve also turned off commenting on blog posts because I felt it wasn’t really generating the discussion I wanted. I also received 10x as much spam as I did legitimate comments and, while most of this was automatically filtered, it caused strain on the server hosting this site.

These changes are just enough to draw attention to the fact that Odin Gaming is once-again being actively updated.

I have some exciting ideas for Odin Gaming that I will attempt to put into effect in the coming months. I really value those of you that have continued to visit the site, leave comments (despite their now being disable), and reach out to me. Please do keep it all up – it makes my day every time someone takes the time to communicate with me about these things I’m so passionate about.

If anyone reading this is interested in helping me with content creation, please reach out. I would love to build Odin Gaming to ever loftier heights, and I think I’ll need some helping hands to get it there.

Let’s get back to conquering the world.

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