Early Look at Surviving Mars Mods and Review

There has been a mod published every 20 minutes since release, with well over 500 mods available for Surviving Mars. Here are 10, as well as a quick review of the base game!

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Stellaris Apocalypse Review, Cherryh 2.0, and Modding in 2.0

A detailed examination of the new war features in Stellaris 2.0 Cherryh, a Cherryh review, a review of the new Stellaris expansion “Apocalypse”, and a first look at the state of modding in the post-2.0 environment.

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Civilization IV: Fall from Heaven 2 – Ashes of Erebus

Engage with the truly immersive grimdark world of Erebus. Will you protect it, or sentence it to eternal damnation? Installation instructions included.

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Master of Orion 3: Tropical Unofficial Patch Mod

The Tropical Mod for Master of Orion 3 should be celebrated as allowing the creators’ original vision shine through a little brighter.

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Dawn of War: Ultimate Apocalypse and Tyranids

Ultimate Apocalypse and Tyranids mods for Dawn of War. Hordes of greenskins, nukes, titans, and Tyranids. So. Goddamn. Epic. Installation instructions included.

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