You’ve landed on this page because you’d like to know more about Odin Gaming’s newsletter and privacy policy. Privacy is a hot topic these days, and for good reason. Finding out more about how your information is used is a sensible precaution. Odin Gaming’s full privacy policy can be found here. If you’d like to know more about the specific service used to handle your email address, then read on.

Odin Gaming uses Mail Chimp to handle its mailing list. I’ll only ever require your email address for the newsletter sign-up, and I’ll never pass this information outside of the bounds of the Mail Chimp mailing list, which is in accordance with their terms and conditions. This is because all I really need from you is a way to get in touch with you! Your email address is sufficient; no need for names, dates of birth, or physical locations.

Mail Chimp have their own privacy policy which includes reasons for distributing any of the email addresses on lists they handle. I encourage you to read through it and decide on your own if you’re happy with the terms they describe before you subscribe to Odin Gaming’s newsletter.

If you’ve decided they’re acceptable, then your subscription to the newsletter will be most welcome! It can be frustrating to have your email inbox filled with irrelevant messages on a daily basis, so you’ll receive an email from Odin Gaming just once a month with an update about content posted to the site in that month, plus maybe some relevant archived content. This is, of course, subject to change as the site matures, but you can unsubscribe at any point via a link provided in every email from Odin Gaming.

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