The purpose of these roundups is to cast a spotlight on some mods that have caught my attention over the past month or so. The mods weren’t necessarily released or updated in that month, and I haven’t necessarily perfectly play-tested the mod, but they may otherwise look interesting, high quality, or are pushing the capabilities of the base game.

Stellaris has a huge number of mods from which to select so it can be difficult to spot what’s good and what’s not. I don’t claim that the choices I make are definitive, but I have enough experience with using mods that I can generally spot a diamond in the rough. I’m of course open to being corrected!

You can find all of the mods featured in these roundups in my Steam Workshop Collection “Odin Gaming Mod Roundup”.

While it’s relevant, I’ll continue to publish one of these every month. Follow Odin Gaming for email updates or follow me on Twitter to be notified of any posts as soon as they’re made.

Month and LinkDescriptionMod of the Month
FebFirst look at modding post-2.0, less than a week after Cherryh and Stellaris.N/A
Jan9 mods feature this month, including two new ship sets and two Shroud-focused mods. Shroud Expanded
2017Top 10 Stellaris Mods of 2017
Dec8 including combat balance improvements, syncretic species customization, a new original ship set, a new advisor voice.Dynamic Political Events
Nov10 mods for Stellaris including more Synthetic Dawn content.Cultural Overhaul
Oct9 mods for Stellaris including new Synthetic Dawn content.Alien Suns: Atmospheres
Sep10 mods for the 1.8 Čapek update for Stellaris and the Synthetic Dawn DLC.Glavius’s Ultimate AI Megamod
AugMore megastructures, Gaia world improvements, and late-game improvements.
JulMore Ascension Perks, Traditions, Megastructures, and Planet Textures.
JunFleet AI improvements, a pirate government authority, and cosmic diversity.
MaySome epic portraits, new military game mechanics, and more ethics and governments.
AprMany promising mods making full use of the new mechanics introduced by Banks and Utopia.
MarSynthetic portraits, dynamic borders, fleet-based empires, and more FTL types.
FebA new animated species portrait, star and planet modifiers, and a couple of big in-development mods.

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