Stellaris Mod Roundup – March ’18

8 new mods feature this month, including more ship sets, Ascension Perks, and Megastructuctures. Mod of the Month is “Interactive Timeline Dashboard” by Elias Döhne.

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Stellaris Mod Roundup – November ’17

10 mods for Stellaris including more Synthetic Dawn content. Mod of the Month: Cultural Overhaul, featuring new ethics, government, traditions, and civics.

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Stellaris Mod Roundup – September ’17

10 mods for the 1.8 Čapek update for Stellaris and the Synthetic Dawn DLC. Mod of the Month: Glavius’s Ultimate AI Megamod!

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Stellaris Mod Roundup – August ’17

More megastructures, Gaia world improvements, and late-game improvements feature in this month’s roundup.

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