Stellaris Mod Roundup – May ’17

Some epic portraits, new military game mechanics, and more ethics and governments feature this month.

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Stellaris Mod Roundup – April ’17

Many promising mods are featured this month making full use of the new mechanics introduced by Banks and Utopia.

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Stellaris Mod Roundup – March ’17

Synthetic portraits, dynamic borders, fleet-based empires, and more FTL types are featured this month.

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The Outer Rim

Peek into the weird world of Shane Watson, The Outer Rim, three decades in the making.

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KSP Visual Mods – Step-by-Step Installation Guide – v1.2.1

With just a little coercing, this list of graphical mods will give you an incredible visual experience.

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Divinus Imperium – Planetary Changes

The first of a series of dev diaries looking at the planetary changes of the upcoming Stellaris overhaul mod.

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Installing Mods in Kerbal Space Program

Some simple tips for a smoother modding experience in Kerbal Space Program.

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Divinus Imperium

After months of watching the Stellaris dev diaries, this team has started work on their new mod.

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Stellaris City Mods

Quality mods that increase the city variety in custom species – more than 100 new cities in all. Updated 23rd December 2017.

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KSP Modded – Part 2: Kerbin SOI

Exploring the heights and depths of Kerbin, the Mun, and Minmus.

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