Stellaris Humanoids Species Pack – Dev Diary #95

The 95th dev diary presents the Stellaris Humanoids Species Pack, to be released on 7th December 2017. Also featured on Odin Gaming are free species mods!

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Stellaris Mod Roundup – October ’17

9 mods for Stellaris including new Synthetic Dawn content. Mod of the Month: Alien Suns: Atmospheres!

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Stellaris Mod Roundup – September ’17

10 mods for the 1.8 Čapek update for Stellaris and the Synthetic Dawn DLC. Mod of the Month: Glavius’s Ultimate AI Megamod!

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Stellaris Empire Customization Mods

170+ mods granting additional portraits, cityscapes, flags, name lists, ship sets, more traits, more government types, more ethical choices… Updated 19th July 2017.

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Stellaris Species Customization Mods from Sci-Fi Franchises

50 Stellaris mods from sci-fi universes such as Mass Effect, Star Wars, and Warhammer 40K. Updated 5th February 2018.

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Stellaris Mod Roundup – March ’17

Synthetic portraits, dynamic borders, fleet-based empires, and more FTL types are featured this month.

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The Outer Rim

Peek into the weird world of Shane Watson, The Outer Rim, three decades in the making.

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Stellaris City Mods

Quality mods that increase the city variety in custom species – more than 100 new cities in all. Updated 23rd December 2017.

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Stellaris Portrait Mods

A selection of 88+ novel high-quality animated and static species portraits. Updated 2nd November 2017.

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